Why this Broadcast?

Once you’ve Found your Voice
It’s time to Speak your Voice

USA Bill in Congress:

The government has a Bill that addresses the systematic elimination of women’s social and political freedoms. In this Bill H.J.RES.10 states:

“Demands the dismantling of social and institutional mechanisms which perpetuate systematic discrimination against women and girls.”

“Asserts that women are not chattel, should not be trafficked, exploited, or sold for services, and should not be denied the right to education, to ownership of property, or to participate in full, economic, social and political life.”

Link to Bill H.J.RES.10:


The media problem is beyond a personal moral choice.

The issue is protecting Humanity and

Humanity shall be Protected by Law.


This Bill is not listed as related to the Bill of Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The systematic discrimination fueled by media (a.k.a institutional mechanism) is creating violence and discrimination against women, which Bill H.J.RES.10 addresses. Provided below is a link to the VAWA which does not list H.J.RES.10 as a related Bill.

Link to VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) or S.47:


Publicized prostitution/trafficking of women, men, and children is a “psychological warfare” against humanity. Publicized prostitution/trafficking is wrongfully labeled as “pornography” because of the dominance of males in the decisive world. We need to call it what it is: Publicide.

Click here to understand the term PUBLICIDE.

Certain states are now declaring the Publicide as a Public Health Crisis.

It is not the American First Amendment Right to use media to exploit people.

The American First Amendment Right is about speaking the Truth and I am exercising this great freedom to fullest degree. The First Amendment Right was not to give right to the male media to literally program crappy behaviors, such as misogyny or the bamboozlement of women.

These crimes against Humanity deserve a history that is publicly taught.

Social Reform is a must for this country to thrive.

Sign Up to Read and Write:

The Preamble of the United States Constitution for Feminine Right.

Why this Broadcast…

…it’s because…

“The Truth is Free

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