Why this Book?

VWS in Paperback

Voicing a Woman's Silence

This book reveals the greatest problems that followed

The Women’s Movement

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Voicing a Woman's Silence

Voicing A Woman’s Silence

What should independence look like for a woman?

What about for a man?

How do you know when someone is placing responsibility on you?

Do you know when your partner is redirecting your concerns about his or her behavior?

What kind of personality traits does an insecure person portray? Are women and men equal?


  • Learn to recognize manipulation patterns in people you interact with, such as identifying the Peter Pans or the Pied Pipers.
  • Learn the different characteristics of what it means to be a Giver or a Taker.
  • Included is the Taker Test, which will help you identify people you let into your inner circle and the people you need get away from.
  • Included is the Giver Guide to help Givers to protect their greatest resources of time and energy from being stolen by self-absorbed Takers.
  • Learn to read the red and green flags on whether you’re in a healthy environment or relationship.
  • Educate yourself on how social mechanisms are keeping women at a great disadvantage in becoming leaders, as well as programing destructible behavior and thought.

A Word from Myriah 

Myriah Lynn

Myriah Lynn

In this book, I challenge the popular thought that women and men are equal. I also define a woman’s experience as separate from what a man’s experiences. A woman’s framework or thought process is not for men to construct. It is for women to define what’s appropriate for females in society by way of media and law.

I am a woman in the entrepreneurial world striving to gain security, respect, and success. I understand the challenges modern women face with being minimized, manipulated, silenced then ignored. These obstacles prevent women from becoming part of the decisive world, or being the leaders they need to be. I understand the seriousness in protecting ourselves from the outside world, especially after being hurled into the midst of a masculine dominated society. The good news is once the veil has lifted, there is much dignity along with humanity to gain.

I open my soul to show women how to increase their personal power, esteem, and rightful place in this world, starting in this country. As my books sell, I will donate books to various women’s organizations, including battered women shelters, human trafficking shelters, schools, and faith based institutions. Support that change.

One voice, one vote, is what it takes to achieve our pursuit for happiness.

Yours Forever Truly,



  • IMGP2004_v4Self-Defense Program Developer for Women and Girls
  • Author: Voicing a Woman’s Silence
  • Advocate for Women’s Equality & Social Reform
  • Apple Developer for Posture Fitness & Self-Defense Apps
  • B.S. in Psychology
  • Consultant to the LAPD*
  • Three-Striped Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Posture and Pilates Expert & Advocate
  • “Pilates for Pink” DVD for Shape Magazine
  • Article: Facts and Ideas. Rowing Biomechanics e-Journal, June, 2008
  • Second Place International Jump Rope and Double Dutch Champion

*References available on request

Voicing a Woman’s Silence (VWS)

Summary: This app features VWS Book and Broadcast in which I challenge the popular thought that women and men are equal. This app will bring forth a foundation for women to share our experiences. It is for women to define what’s appropriate for females in society by way of media and law.

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1: Basic Defense:

Summary: The awareness side is to be in tune with your surroundings and abilities. Tapping into your intuition and understanding body language (both your own and others) are useful tools. Notice which situations increase your heart rate or when someone is making you uncomfortable and excuse yourself from those situations.

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Pilates and Posture

Summary:Posture sends an instant message to others about your level of confidence and esteem. It is very important to consider how people will perceive you. Reap the benefits by learning about posture and send a strong message to others. Posture yourself into the position of power.

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jumpropeJumpRope SuperStar

Summary: When it comes to defending yourself having a sharp mind is of greatest importance. Rope jumping will speed up and strengthen the connections within your mind. When an alarming situation arises and decision mode starts, keep your cranial connections ahead of danger.

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