About Myriah

Myriah Lynn



I am a woman in the entrepreneurial world striving to gain security, respect, and success. I understand the challenges modern women face with being minimized, manipulated, silenced then ignored. These obstacles prevent women from becoming part of the decisive world, or being the leaders they need to be. I understand the seriousness in protecting ourselves from the outside world, especially after being hurled into the midst of a masculine dominated society. The good news is once the veil has lifted, there is much dignity along with humanity to gain.


  • IMGP2004_v4Self-Defense Program Developer for Women and Girls
  • Author: Voicing a Woman’s Silence
  • Advocate for Women’s Equality & Social Reform
  • Apple Developer for Posture Fitness & Self-Defense Apps
  • B.S. in Psychology
  • Consultant to the LAPD*
  • Three-Striped Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Posture and Pilates Expert & Advocate
  • “Pilates for Pink” DVD for Shape Magazine
  • Article: Facts and Ideas. Rowing Biomechanics e-Journal, June, 2008
  • Second Place International Jump Rope and Double Dutch Champion

*References available on request